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Technology itself doesn’t create problems – we just don’t know how to use it properly

Such a paradox: technologies were invented to solve many problems and make our life easier, but eventually happened opposite. Now we hear more about the problems it creates and we are even inventing new technologies to protect our kids from using the previous ones. Why is it so? Why technology became the enemy, that we need to protect ourselves from? And is it really an enemy?

In my opinion – no. And that is why.

A knife was invented to make our life easier in the way to be able to cut bread, let’s say. Right? But people are killing with a knife as well. So a knife itself is neutral thing. It is all about our actions with it. The same way goes with technology as well. It can help us on daily basis and increase the quality of life, or it can destroy our mental and physical health. Which scenario will happen – depends on how we use it.

For example: do we use our phones just for contacting people and making necessary photos, or do we spend a whole day into social media? Do we have a healthy daily routine habits such as going to sleep reading a book before, or do we sit till late looking at the screen? I bet many of us, adults, have difficulties with discipline and ethics of using technology. So just imagine, how difficult it is for our kids?

Even though technology is harmful to both – children and adults, anyway, we, adults, are more able to control, how we use it, as long as we are aware of negative consequences. Kids – opposite. They can’t understand, how such pleasure giving invention might be dangerous for them. So here is where our responsibility, as parents, come. Responsibility to limit access to technologies and even access to specific content, which we don’t want our kids to see.

As I mentioned above, there are more and more applications invented, which allow us, parents, to control or how long our child is using gadgets, or how close they stay at the screen, or what the content they are using. But what would you say, if I tell you, that here is one app already invented, which has all such necessary features in one place?

As a dad of 2 kids, who is facing the same problems as many of you, I was interested to have a solution in one tool, with which I could control the content my kids are using, time – how much they are using gadgets, proper lighting, necessary to keep their eyes healthy, location, to see, where they are using gadgets the most. And I wanted to have all this data in one place, in order to be aware of the way how my kids are interacting with technology and based on the results, to improve my parenting style. I want to raise my kids as persons having healthy habits of using technology. The only way I can do it – to make them use it properly, even if it means many limitations. I know, most likely they won’t like it, but I am sure, they will tell me “thank you”, when they will grow up.

So I created Blincy – the app for parents, which develops healthy interaction with screens of gadgets. Main features are created already, only few things left to finish, such as access to all mobile softwares. So if you are interested in having such tool and help yourself to raise your kids as healthy persons easier, I ask your support in Kickstarter, after which we will be able to finish app development way much faster. Anyway, follow us on facebook, twitter and Instagram where we share about the process and all news. Also, you can share your ideas and recommendations, what we can make even better than it is now. We promise to do our best to put all great ideas into reality.