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Small diapers – big problems. Or why it is important for your child to have healthy habits of using technology

It’s simple. Just for five minutes of peace, your child got a gadget to amuse themselves and after some time you are faced with outcomes you haven’t expected – a child that has problems in socialization with other people.

We learn how to socialize by socializing. First, with our parents, our siblings, friends and even neighbors. Even watching the way our parents talk to each other is teaching us: from boosting their vocabulary to improving their own ability to read facial expressions. But today’s technology is meant for one thing alone: to cater our every wish and desire. If we don’t like something, we will just skip it. No need to wait, just go on. The longest one might wait is the length of a commercial, and even that is too long. Every little problem or annoyance can be solved with a click.

While technology can be inspiring, beneficial and doors of success opening tool (if we know how to use it properly), in a hands of children it can create a set of behavior that will undermine your every attempt to raise them to be successful and content.

A child is bored? They will just leave the app and go on the next one until they find the one that will amuse them. In everyday life, that is not practical. Do you imagine your child leaving a playdate with friends because it’s not that fun or perfect? Of course not. They will adapt or try to change it, but they will deal with other people. That experience will affect them. They will not like perhaps aunt Marie but they will learn how to put up with her. Forced to wait to get the toy because their baby sibling is playing with it, they will either wait or learn how to share it. Either way, patience and willingness to cooperate will be important for them when they are adults.

Modern technology emphasis feeling good and being turned towards itself. They won’t get a response. Today’s society, however, better with people who can function better with other people. A child that knows how to deal with people, first with its parents and siblings will have it easier later in life. By learning how to deal with different people and relationships in the family, it will make so much smoother transition to kindergarten where we get to meet our first friends or even school when dealing with homework.

The need for people who can work in teams is becoming even more important than knowledge one might have or even grades. Knowledge can be learned, but not how to be a team player. That is something that we learn practically since we are in diapers.

We do not need to stop kids from using a cell phone or computers, but we can control how often they are using it, when they are using it and what kind of content they are consuming. Application Blincy was created to help parents maintain how much kids use gadgets and it’s perfect for both sides. It allows parents to ensure that their child is developing healthy habits of using technologies. By controlling how much they hang on their gadgets we are teaching our kids how to deal with problems in a healthier way while preparing them for the world where technology is a part of everyday life.