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Technology and kids: harmful or beneficial?

A lot of questions come around from parents. A lot of confusion!

Is technology more of a benefit or more of a harm to my child?

My answer to you? It is actually both.

I like to start with a positive side to it. The reason is because technology is everywhere around us nowadays. I am sure you agree with me “we just cannot run away from it” and we dont have to. So let us talk a little more of the benefits to it, as it is a major part of our lives, especially for our children in the new generation. I would also like to help you positively prevent technology with technology. Curious how? Read further.


  • Children develop hand-eye coordination further, obviously that is through the engaging application. This basically means they tend to multi-task using both senses.
  • It could improve language skills. Don’t get me wrong, this could go both ways, but with the right usage of technology your child will tend to improve their skills. Advice? Don’t let them completely rely on it.
  • Develop problem-solving skills. Technology is not as simple as we think. When you think technology you must be thinking oh I’ll just Google it right? Flashing news, nope it’s not that simple. Especially if they are using this for school purpose. It is a lot more difficult to make graphs manually with a PC than it is drawing it. Your kid would actually have to work on developing their technological skills in solving problems.
  • Expand horizons and networking. Technology has made it so much easier for us to see the world, to communicate with friends and loved ones abroad. To meet new people. So your child will actually enter a world where they understand different cultures, learn some good habits; maybe even try cooking a national dish in Asia or Latin America.

As you can see, there are so many benefits of technology if it is used in the right way. In a way where your child receives more education from it than just gaming, or even locking themselves in an unreal world.

As much as I love to keep going on and on about benefits of technology, unfortunately misuse of technology with your children could be very harmful. I am not saying there is no way of prevention, I am also not saying that there is no way for you to protect your child from the harm of technology.


  • I think the number one harmful impact of technology to your child is relationships and social skills issues. If you are a person born anywhere before the 1990’s you probably discussed ones or twice with your friends “where are the days where children use to play outside in fresh air?” right? Yeah, I say that too. As much as technology advertises the increase of communication, it lacks the personal human-to-human communication.
  • Health…Oh HEALTH!!!! I cannot stress enough on how harmful gadget usage is to us grown-ups, let along your child. It deprives your child from healthy sleep habits, it replaces your child’s active life such as “sports, gym etc…” it has a massive impact on vision and so on and so forth.
  • Browsing online can be dangerous, obviously because of different inappropriate content that could affect your child’s emotional and mental development.

Of course I can go on and on with the disadvantages of technology and its use, one of the things is obviously your child’s communication and closeness to you. I am sure the most heartbreaking fact to you is that your child would turn with his/her problems towards Internet and not you.

Well now that we spoke quite a bit of the impact technology could have on the quality of your little favorite human’s life J, I would like to give you the good news, there actually is a way to protect you child. I mean obviously we cannot protect them for the rest of their lives, but if we do our best in putting a healthy seed in their mind, we could actually make a massive impact on their future. You know what they say, “it’s the little changes that make a massive difference”.


So luckily there is an app called Blincy that could help you increase the quality of your child’s social life. Sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it? It obviously gives you the opportunity to limit your child’s use of technology, which automatically gives the child an opportunity to look for a replacement in their social life. Even better, it actually will help your child set the right distance from their gadget to protect their beautiful little eyes. If I was you and your child doesn’t like the idea, I would ask them if they would like to wear glasses one day? Easiest way to make your child understand why a specific distance is good for them.

I know you been waiting for a solution for the activities part. Yes, you can help your child by giving them limited time online, which again will force them to use their spare time in something more useful “could be sports, could be music, it could even be going to social events and so on”

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I would not like my child to do, is actually go on websites that could harm them in any shape or form. I am pretty sure you feel the same right? Well I don’t know if I might sound like I am bias towards this Blincy app, but the brilliant idea of having all these benefits and also be able to monitor the usage of Internet in my child’s life feels like I could actually have an easier way of raising my child to be a normal, sociable and broad minded person.

To conclude all this, I would like to say, “Sometimes we need to use technology to protect our children from technology”. What would it be if we couldn’t use the most developing and growing industry to protect our children? The best thing is that from now on, you as a parent would grow older to know that you have done your ultimate best in raising your child the best possible way. You will watch your child grow to be smart, intellectual, happier, more sociable and most importantly a lot healthier. I am sure that just like myself, this would be the best feeling for you to see your beautiful child grow up to be the best version of your parenting.