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Kids’ addiction to smart devices pushed their dad to leave the well-paid job and become an entrepreneur

This is a story of a father who left his 9 to 5 office work and became an entrepreneur, helping other parents to deal with the same issues as once he had. The idea of business gave him his two (as he says) fabulous kids.

Gintas from Lithuania was exhausted of endless argues with his older daughter and younger son. Every day taking care personally that they don’t have too much screentime, putting an eye on the content they were consuming and every 5 minutes repeating “Go distance from the screen”. Sounds familiar, right? All these struggles and increasing addiction to gadgets created a very intense atmosphere at home.

“Eventually I became a policeman, giving orders to my kids. There was a moment when I even thought my kids hate me more than they loved me. I couldn’t continue this way anymore… I needed a solution badly.”

That’s how Gintas came up with an idea of Blincy – the app, which has multifunctions, basically is doing the same job, as once he was doing, just much more efficiently, without his personal intervenience.

Because of device’s camera which recognizes user’s face, it checks kid’s distance and covers the screen with a notification to get back as soon kid comes too close to it. Also, with Blincy app parents can make a schedule when their child can use gadgets and when it is time to focus on important things, such as studies, outside activities or a rest. No stress, no argues, no waste of time. The kid just gets a notification 10 minutes in advance about when their time for gadgets is about to finish.

The reason, why Gintas finally made a decision to leave his secure job and go to Kickstarter was a strong need and a sense of responsibility to share this app with other parents worldwide. He has obvious evidence that during the last 2 years his kids and the life at home have changed a lot to the better side, so he strongly wishes and believes that the same positive changes could be reached globally.

“Banning smartphones at school, as France did, is not an option. It reduces the problem slightly and temporary but doesn’t cure it completely. If we want long-lasting natural changes to come, we must cure the roots of the problem”.

The roots according to the creator of Blincy app is a lack of healthy habits using technology that children have.

“It is our parents’ responsibility to help our kids to develop healthy habits in life. Whether it is proper time management, eating or technology usage habits. We must find a way how to do it efficiently.”

Gintas left the well-paid 9 to 5 office work and opened his own company, which has a clear mission – to invent special tools for parents which would help to raise their kids in a healthy manner. The best new is that before offering a product to others, he tests it in his own parenting and checks if it works. He has been testing Blincy app for the last 2 years. The next product after he launches Blincy on Kickstarter is smart Blincy watches. What is it about? Well, you will hear about it later 😉