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From the small steps of a child, Blincy app opens the new world for parents

Today it is a rare sight to see children outside playing, as it is more normal to see them in front of the screen. And often parents fear for the little ones and what effect it will have on them. A father of two based on his own personal experience created a revolutionary app Blincy which will ease the life of parents everywhere.

Simple to use application Blincy has everything necessary to ensure that we can raise our kids to be healthy adults who know how to maintain the balance between the online world and real life. It protects our kids and develops healthy interaction with screens.

Parents all over the world have a unique opportunity to get Blincy app that will improve the quality of family’s life with an exclusive offer for Kickstarter pre-launch backers. Now available with 80 % off.

Revolutionary application for a modern way of raising children

The world’s smartest app for parents Blincy is a must-have application because of all in one functions which allow you not only to surveillance just how much your little one is sitting in front of the screen, but the whole set of features which ensures their mental and physical safety.

The innovation that no any app for parents had till now, is a feature of a proper distance from the screen. Because of the device’s camera, it measures the distance between the screen and the user. If a child gets closer than it is recommended, a notification to get back covers the screen and disappears at the moment when a child gets in the proper distance. It ensures that the child learns not to be too close to the screen and protects their vision.

Blincy has a GPS option as well. It shows where your child is and notifies you when they visit wanted and unwanted locations. Discreetly you can see their daily routine and you will receive notifications to your mobile phone if your child visits certain unwanted locations, or when they reach home, school, or perhaps a dentist.

With measures and controls time spent option you can make a schedule on any smart device your child is using to keep them focus on important things or get proper rest from the screen in an easy stress-free method. Blincy will notify a child by the animated message that the screen will shut down automatically in 15 minutes (or as much as you set). In this way the little ones have time to prepare psychologically to end their fun time and it also teaches them time management skills.

Other great options Blincy app gives to its users is a protection from suspicious programs and data statistics about your child’s digital activity which can be used to protect the little one and react on time.

Blincy app is created for all kind of devices (computer, tablet, pc, phone) that is run by Android and Windows. In the near future all iOS users will be able to use Blincy as well.

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